• Palm Leaves
  • Cyca Leaves
  • Kuwa Branches Tall
  • Sola Rose Bouquet
Galho Figo Wood Cones Mini On Stem Square Plywood Pots Dahlia
Cone Assortment Lavender Super Blue Jhinga Pods Luffa
Palm Cup Sulphurea Flower Buddha Nut Moss Balls
Wild Allium Balls Allium Bouquet Banana Sticks Silver Sparkle Frosted Glass

Botanico Ltd. is a floral decor wholesaler based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Since 2003, we sell exquisite natural dried floral products, elegant glass and metal vases, contemporary indoor and outdoor pots and planters, and other decorative accessories such as feathers, candles, shells, and floral supplies.

Botanico sells wholesale to trade related businesses only and not to the general public.

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