• Kuwa Branches
  • Petal Flower - White
  • Wood Tray
  • Palm Male
Bamboo Lacquered Lily Flower - Natural Pine Cones Vine Branches
Palm Cup Coco Dish Large Cock Tail Round Tapered Polystone pot
Tall Willow Babala Pheasant Ringneck  Feathers Decor Balls
Taru Glass Chipings Triangular Tapered Planter Sapucaia Pod on Stem

Botanico Ltd. is a wholesale company based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

We specialize in unusual natural dried botanicals, glass vases, metal pots, contemporary indoor and outdoor pots and planters, as well as other decorative accessories such as feathers, candles, shells, etc.

What sets us apart in our industry is that our design team continuously develops innovative ways to use our products in custom arrangements and unique visual displays with an eye at the latest European trends.

Botanico is wholesale to trade related businesses only and is not open to the general public.

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