September 30, 2014

Floral sands and stones

Sand is an element that has been known to man basically since the beginning of time.  Its fine granules are mostly made up of finely separated rock and mineral pieces.  Sand is often associated with the imagery of passing time, or desert land.  It’s also known for the classic sand castle.  Building a massive structure out of an element so fine is really extraordinary if you think about it.

For years now, floral designers have been using sand and stones as the building blocks of a lovely arrangement, centerpiece or filler.  Nothing brings an empty vase to life as much as beautiful and unique decorative sands, stones or pebbles. 

One of the best features of decorative fillers is that even if you aren’t planning on having an arrangement in your vase or planter; sometimes just having the filler in the container or vase speaks volumes to your own personal style.  There are many choices you can use to fill with. 

River stones and rocks, marble pebbles, glass chippings, frosted or clear glass pebbles, decorative stones, or pebbles.  And of course, décor chips, loose lavender and decorative sand.  Want to add rocks or pebbles to your outdoor arrangement?  Pebbles can be the perfect addition for any arrangement and pebbles can help with drainage. 

Our selection is impressive and we have many gorgeous colours and textures to choose from.  Find your perfect match for every season and style.  Add a little glimmer to the base of your vase and let your creativity loose!