May 30, 2014

Metal pots and planters for all your needs

Metal pots and planters continue to gain popularity in home décor and floral design, especially if you’re looking for a chic and contemporary look.  Our metal pots are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and many of them are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

If using them outdoors, you can rest assured that they hold up the elements and are ultra-durable and versatile. To create a pleasing display on a patio or deck, think about grouping pots of various sizes and shapes. If you’re choosing pots made from the same material, but showcasing different sizes, you can create an informal but harmonious arrangement. 

From rustic utilitarian planters to modern galvanized wall pots the selection is vast. Try to avoid positing them in a wet location, but you can make them more durable by using a clear lacquer spray paint coating on the weld seams. Our metal containers are all made from galvanized steel and then powder-coated.

For décor ideas in the home, we carry square and rectangle metal trays, round metal plates, low metal trays – all of which are perfect for creating a stunning floral display. We also carry a large assortment of planters that can easily fit in your home décor including square, round, and rectangle pots. Creative arrangements made with other botanical elements that we carry will really impress. Branches, dried flowers, pods and botanicals and even leaves and grasses create interest and texture beyond your typical home décor arrangement. Wall pots and cones can also be mounted to walls to offer a place to add interest, while leave valuable floor space vacant.