February 03, 2014

Botanico Potpourri

Who doesn’t love to buy something that is Canadian made ? Did you know that our potpourri is made right on site at our Botanico warehouse ?
Potpourri is a collection of many different items, all of which have a different purpose. The fixative is a vital element in a potpourri recipe – this item absorbs and retains the fragrant oils, which are used to boast the natural perfumes of the items mixed in. Without a fixative, the life (and scent) of potpourri dissipates very quickly.  Other potpourri ingredients can include flowers and petals, which add colour and fragrance. Ingredients like dried leaves, bark, seed pods, pine cones, and other dried botanicals add texture and interest.
Originally, potpourri was stored in a ceramic jar that was placed near a heat source, so the perfume expanded in the warm air. When the lid was on, the fragrance was trapped inside. Potpourri has evolved as many other things have and today, it’s valued not only for its fragrance, but for its beauty as a home décor accent.
Potpourri is quite versatile and can be used in many different ways – as bowl fillers, as an attractive element to a wreath or in a centerpiece – let your imagination run wild when designing with it. You can add candles and other elements like bark and wood to create a stunning arrangement that smells wonderful. Our potpourri is available in a variety of different color themes including white, orange, lime, burgundy, yellow, red, and mauve. We offer our potpourri mixes in various sizes including boxed, bagged and mini choices.  Check out our Potpourri section on our website to find the exact mix of potpourri that will work for your next project.