November 27, 2013

Ever wonder about shipping costs?

Considering the size of Canada, you would think that shipping freight across the country would be extremely expensive, but it’s not. In fact, it is surprisingly affordable. A single adult airfare from Toronto to Vancouver costs approximately $400, but a pallet with 1,000 lbs. of freight can cost less than half of an airfare ticket.

Depending on a number of variables including distance, volume and weight of the order, delivery time, tailgate delivery (a lift at the back of a truck), in store delivery (when a truck driver carries boxes in a store), residential delivery and oversized boxes, freight can add a lot or a little to the cost of merchandise.

At Botanico, we work with four different carriers (truck lines) for palletized freight and several courier companies for boxed orders to find the most economical freight rates for our clients. For local delivery in Metro Toronto, we use same day couriers for any order large or small. In general, our rule is – When you buy more, you save on freight. A $150.00 order may have 20 per cent freight added depending on the final destination, but a $1000.00 order to the same destination may only have a 10 per cent freight charge. Wonder why? Well, it’s because when an order gets to be a certain size, we can start using a pallet to ship.  Sending several small orders that are delivered by courier can become quite expensive.

There are other advantages to shipping large orders on pallets, aside from saving money. You can put a lot of weight on a pallet. Think of all the really heavy items like glass and basefill such as river rocks and other heavy items we carry.  There is also the advantage that your entire order arrives at the same time and in one piece – there is a lot less chance of breakage with pallet shipping.

Make sure to come back and visit our blog next week, when we continue to explain how pallet shipping is a convenient and cost effective way to deliver your next order.