August 27, 2013

Sharing our passion and commitment to what we do

At Botanico, we have over 2000 items, including a wide selection of glass and metal vases, indoor and outdoor pots and planters, and much more. We are happy to offer you convenient, cash and carry service from our warehouse, making sure your experience with Botanico will bring you back to us again.
In fact, when you first come to visit us, you may lose track of time while browsing our huge selection.  From bouquets, branches, flowers, leaves and grasses to ceramics, glass, metal, pots and planters – you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.
We’re a family business, and have been for 10 years. We would love for you to come and visit us, to understand our passion and commitment to what we do, and to hopefully leave with something beautiful.
Here’s what a few happy clients are saying about us!
“The selection at Botanico is endless. They have beautiful vases, planters and accessories, and completely original arrangements…I just wanted it all!”
“Botanico’s service is fabulous. They were so quick to help me with what I needed and ensured I was satisfied with what they helped me to create.”
“The staff at Botanico are incredibly friendly. They made me feel so comfortable, and were eager to help me find what I needed.”

August 06, 2013

Wood, wood and more wood

Wood has a natural way of making your home look and feel cozier, especially when you compliment it with other natural materials. Now we’re not saying to drag a log or tree stump into your living room or move into a log cabin. Instead, let’s take a look at the selection of wood and branches that we carry to see how you can incorporate this natural element into your design work and home décor.
A birch pedestal can be used to accentuate any décor, as well as providing a stable perch to place an arrangement. Birch bark can be used to wrap containers and large birch branches cab be used to add height to containers and even wall décor by securing several branches in a row to the wall.
Driftwood and wood trays can be used as a base to create stunning floral decorations. They can also do double duty as a rustic candle holder. 
We have a plethora of branches, stems, twigs and sticks – bamboo, birch, Acai branches, banana sticks, buriti, berry sweet hucks, coco curly, willow, curly rattan, as well as reed cane, ting and yucca poles. Choose from natural branches, lacquered, coloured, and let your imagination go soar. When you see the different textures, colours and branching lines and patterns, you’re sure to find instant inspiration. 
Cork provides an elegant natural look while remaining environmentally friendly. Our cork products like our cork cylinders and bark are 100 per cent renewable. Once the cork has been harvested, the bark immediately begins to renew itself. This ensures that trees aren’t harmed during harvest.