July 26, 2013

Fabulous floral feather craze

Feathers are everywhere. From feather hair extension and jewelry to home décor and bouquets, feathers are no longer limited to costumes or haute couture. 
Were feathers always fashionable? Evidence of wearing feathery plumes has been traced back to Neanderthals and Native Americans. Not to mention feathery boas, bonnets, headbands, and jewelry worn by Mary Antoinette, Diana, Princess of Wales, and Rihanna.  Feathers are vibrant, eye-catching, fun and unconventional, so it’s not surprising to see them being used in floral design and home décor.
If you’re looking for something to add an extra touch of excitement to your arrangements, look no further than feathers…and Botanico.
We carry a wide selection of feathers to compliment any design or décor. From ostrich, peacock, pheasant, and guinea – we have feathers in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours. Not to mention some wispy and whimsical items like feather wreaths and feather balls.
To add some whimsy to your design work, come and see our selection of feathers. You’re sure to find something that will tickle your creativity!

July 08, 2013

Make your decor dreams a reality

Whether you want to beautify the bathroom or liven up the living room, we’ve got décor tips that will help you add interest to any room in your home or client’s homes.
Tip 1: You can place your dried arrangement anywhere
Dried botanical arrangements will look great anywhere – inside and out.  They are extremely durable, and will remain in place and as beautiful as ever no matter where you choose to keep them.  Choose a variety of dried botanicals with different shapes, colours and textures to add interest to your arrangements.
Tip 2: Use containers with removable inserts
Containers with removable inserts are great because they allow you the chance to change your décor at any time, without having to go out and buy a new, separate holder. Replace your current insert with a new one at any time – hassle free.  Come and visit us to see the huge array of containers we offer with removable inserts. You’re sure to be inspired!
Tip 3: Get help with design and arrangement
Trying to design a floral arrangement takes time. Botanico can help lighten your work load. Our in-house design team can help to create a beautiful arrangement personalized just for you. Making the process easy, you’ll leave with a complete arrangement that just needs a place to call home. We have a vast selection of arrangements – each piece has been masterfully crafted by our in-house designers.
We’ve helped with hotel, window, and garden displays and have assisted florists and designers with their design and arrangement needs and deadlines.