September 02, 2014

Botanical elements for home décor

Home décor can be tricky.  What looks good, and where do you put it?  There is a lot of beauty that can be found in an assortment of nature’s gifts to us.  We all can’t be master Botanists though…nor can we all have a knack for floral design and arrangement.

Come in and let us show you how you can use our large botanical elements as décor in your home, or office.  Our extensive selection of exotic coco dishes can be used as the base for breathtaking centrepieces or accents pieces on your curio.  Cacho coco can be the start of gorgeous and welcoming wreathes.  Or use the coco flowers to fill the coco dish itself and create your own masterpieces. 

Ever thought about decorating with vines?  Turn your balcony, patio or backyard into a masterpiece using grapevine trunks from old vines that have been sandblasted for you.  Making delightful corner pieces, when you add candles from our wide selection of scents and sizes.  Have a glass table?  Fashion a more whimsical feel with some curly coco, grapevines and L.E.D lighting. 

Your garden will look earthy and trendy when coupling our GalhoFigo trunks with some LED candles and greenery.  Our trunks come in many unique sizes and forms sure to fit into any outdoor landscape.  Wood and vines can transform your home into a luscious rustic getaway.

August 19, 2014

Best Medium Booth Winners Alberta Gift Fair August 2014

May 30, 2014

Metal pots and planters for all your needs

Metal pots and planters continue to gain popularity in home décor and floral design, especially if you’re looking for a chic and contemporary look.  Our metal pots are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and many of them are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

If using them outdoors, you can rest assured that they hold up the elements and are ultra-durable and versatile. To create a pleasing display on a patio or deck, think about grouping pots of various sizes and shapes. If you’re choosing pots made from the same material, but showcasing different sizes, you can create an informal but harmonious arrangement. 

From rustic utilitarian planters to modern galvanized wall pots the selection is vast. Try to avoid positing them in a wet location, but you can make them more durable by using a clear lacquer spray paint coating on the weld seams. Our metal containers are all made from galvanized steel and then powder-coated.

For décor ideas in the home, we carry square and rectangle metal trays, round metal plates, low metal trays – all of which are perfect for creating a stunning floral display. We also carry a large assortment of planters that can easily fit in your home décor including square, round, and rectangle pots. Creative arrangements made with other botanical elements that we carry will really impress. Branches, dried flowers, pods and botanicals and even leaves and grasses create interest and texture beyond your typical home décor arrangement. Wall pots and cones can also be mounted to walls to offer a place to add interest, while leave valuable floor space vacant.

April 28, 2014

A look back at candles

Candles date back as far as 5,000 years.  The candles then were not anything like the candles we use and love today.  They consisted of straw, hemp or reed which was then soaked in fat or resin.  In the early times of candle making, candles were primarily used to light people’s homes, for night travel, and of course in religious ceremonies.  It wasn’t until the middle ages that beeswax candles were created. 

Since then we have now come up with many different materials for candles that release less smoke, and less soot.  They are also no longer used in the same way; they are no longer our main source of light, but still grow in popularity for their calming, romantic, endearing qualities. 

Even though we don’t use them to light our homes, we still need to be aware of the safety and burning information.

· Never leave a candle burring unattended and keep them out of reach of children and pets.
· Keep draughts well away and a safe distance away from flammable materials.
· If the wick is too long, shorten it – wick scissors are designed specifically for wick trimming.
· Cut off a too high edge with a knife when the wax is still warm.
· Put out the candle by extinguishing the flame with a candle snuffer or by dipping the wick into the liquid wax. Please straighten the wick afterwards. Never blow out the flame.
· Candles should be kept cool, dry and dust-free in preferably dark rooms in a way that they cannot bend.
· Before lighting a candle, clean dust and dirt off with a lint-free cloth moistened with water.

The Bolsius Rustic Pillar Candles from Botanico are top quality rated candles.  Available in 2.7” diameter, 20 colours and three standard sizes:  3”, 5” and 7.5” high.  Our candles are guaranteed to make the top of your list.  All pillars are packaged in boxes of 6.  Our extra wide tea lights come packed in 12 per bag.  The best part about a Bolsius candle is that they burn with minimal smoke. 

February 03, 2014

Botanico Potpourri

Who doesn’t love to buy something that is Canadian made ? Did you know that our potpourri is made right on site at our Botanico warehouse ?
Potpourri is a collection of many different items, all of which have a different purpose. The fixative is a vital element in a potpourri recipe – this item absorbs and retains the fragrant oils, which are used to boast the natural perfumes of the items mixed in. Without a fixative, the life (and scent) of potpourri dissipates very quickly.  Other potpourri ingredients can include flowers and petals, which add colour and fragrance. Ingredients like dried leaves, bark, seed pods, pine cones, and other dried botanicals add texture and interest.
Originally, potpourri was stored in a ceramic jar that was placed near a heat source, so the perfume expanded in the warm air. When the lid was on, the fragrance was trapped inside. Potpourri has evolved as many other things have and today, it’s valued not only for its fragrance, but for its beauty as a home décor accent.
Potpourri is quite versatile and can be used in many different ways – as bowl fillers, as an attractive element to a wreath or in a centerpiece – let your imagination run wild when designing with it. You can add candles and other elements like bark and wood to create a stunning arrangement that smells wonderful. Our potpourri is available in a variety of different color themes including white, orange, lime, burgundy, yellow, red, and mauve. We offer our potpourri mixes in various sizes including boxed, bagged and mini choices.  Check out our Potpourri section on our website to find the exact mix of potpourri that will work for your next project.