May 26, 2017

Important Information About Pallet Shipping

Last time we explained how pallet shipping was a very cost effective way to place a large order. Let’s continue, by explaining what dock to dock delivery is. When a truck arrives with a pallet, the freight costs are based on dock to dock delivery – our dock to your dock. If a client doesn’t have a dock, then the client must assist in offloading the shipment. Generally, drivers are not paid to offload a delivery or bring boxes into a store. Therefore, if the client needs assistance, there is an additional charge. A tailgate delivery is when a driver uses a lift at the back of the truck to bring the pallet down and it typically costs $35.00 extra. An instore delivery costs another $35.00 to $45.00. As you can see, these additional charges start to add up!

So before you ask your driver to help you, stop and think.  If you do request the driver’s help, we get an additional bill, which we must then pass on to you.  In the past, we’ve battled with truck lines about these fees, but they say that it’s standard procedure. Therefore, we put a note on the pallet advising our clients of these fees to ensure you are informed.

A residential delivery can cost an additional $75.00, but if you let us know you are having the order delivered to a residence, we can look for ways to avoid these fees. For example, shipping to a local depot where you can pick up the order can help reduce the residential delivery costs.

For orders that have glass, arrangements and/or large pots, we strongly recommend shipping by pallet. It’s one of the only ways we can guarantee that there will be no breakage during shipment and delivery. If you order glass, arrangements and/or large pots by courier, then we cannot guarantee the delivery and you will be responsible for any breakage. Our experience with shipping has taught us that fragile items do not travel well in the courier system. That’s why we recommend clients purchase a few more items to have your order delivered on a pallet – it’s the best way to go.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our pallet shipping, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help you determine the best cost effective way for you to place an order and have it delivered.

June 14, 2016


If your planning on placing your pots outside, here are some tips for you to maintain the quality of your pots through the seasons:

1.  Drill several 1/2 inch holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

2.  Place at least 2 inches of large pebbles or other stone material at the bottom to ensure drainage.

3.  An insert pot is recommended as this keeps ice away from the pot.  It also enables you to quickly change arrangements, if you have an extra insert pot.

4.  If there is no insert pot, then cover the inside surface area with sheets of 3/4 inch foam insulation.  For round pots, use insulation bubble wrap.  Foam and bubble wrap are available at a hardware store.  Insulating the pot helps to prevent cracks from ice buildup.  It also protects plant roots from summer heat.

5.  Use Fiberstone wax - available at Botanico - every 6 months to polish the outer surface area of the pot, using a soft cloth.  It brings back the colour and repels water.

6.  Avoid salt from coming in contact with the pot.

If planning on putting your pots indoors:

1.  An insert pot is recommended.  It also enables you to quickly change arrangements, if you have an extra insert pot.

2.  Use Fiberstone Wax - available at Botanico - using a soft cloth.  It brings back the colour and repels water. 

For any further information, please feel free to contact us directly.

Happy Planting!!


September 30, 2014

Floral sands and stones

Sand is an element that has been known to man basically since the beginning of time.  Its fine granules are mostly made up of finely separated rock and mineral pieces.  Sand is often associated with the imagery of passing time, or desert land.  It’s also known for the classic sand castle.  Building a massive structure out of an element so fine is really extraordinary if you think about it.

For years now, floral designers have been using sand and stones as the building blocks of a lovely arrangement, centerpiece or filler.  Nothing brings an empty vase to life as much as beautiful and unique decorative sands, stones or pebbles. 

One of the best features of decorative fillers is that even if you aren’t planning on having an arrangement in your vase or planter; sometimes just having the filler in the container or vase speaks volumes to your own personal style.  There are many choices you can use to fill with. 

River stones and rocks, marble pebbles, glass chippings, frosted or clear glass pebbles, decorative stones, or pebbles.  And of course, décor chips, loose lavender and decorative sand.  Want to add rocks or pebbles to your outdoor arrangement?  Pebbles can be the perfect addition for any arrangement and pebbles can help with drainage. 

Our selection is impressive and we have many gorgeous colours and textures to choose from.  Find your perfect match for every season and style.  Add a little glimmer to the base of your vase and let your creativity loose!

September 02, 2014

Botanical elements for home décor

Home décor can be tricky.  What looks good, and where do you put it?  There is a lot of beauty that can be found in an assortment of nature’s gifts to us.  We all can’t be master Botanists though…nor can we all have a knack for floral design and arrangement.

Come in and let us show you how you can use our large botanical elements as décor in your home, or office.  Our extensive selection of exotic coco dishes can be used as the base for breathtaking centrepieces or accents pieces on your curio.  Cacho coco can be the start of gorgeous and welcoming wreathes.  Or use the coco flowers to fill the coco dish itself and create your own masterpieces. 

Ever thought about decorating with vines?  Turn your balcony, patio or backyard into a masterpiece using grapevine trunks from old vines that have been sandblasted for you.  Making delightful corner pieces, when you add candles from our wide selection of scents and sizes.  Have a glass table?  Fashion a more whimsical feel with some curly coco, grapevines and L.E.D lighting. 

Your garden will look earthy and trendy when coupling our GalhoFigo trunks with some LED candles and greenery.  Our trunks come in many unique sizes and forms sure to fit into any outdoor landscape.  Wood and vines can transform your home into a luscious rustic getaway.

August 19, 2014

Best Medium Booth Winners Alberta Gift Fair August 2014